eForms for all devices

Our eForms are optimised for use on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs - with our eForms dynamically adapting to the device being used.

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Our Technology

Advanced Electronic Forms

Victoria Forms technology enables your organisation to replace or complement paper forms with intelligent, professional, computer based versions that users fill in on screen. Forms and data are returned electronically to seamlessly enter your existing administration processes, cutting costs, and streamlining your business.


Our new, patented eForm technology is unique in providing professional, 100% reliable eForms with a feature set that has previously only been available to specialist users running proprietary desktop software. Our eForms run within unmodified web-browsers, and so are available to all - your staff, partners, and customers.


  • Intelligent, friendly and responsive - helping and guiding the user as they are filled.
  • Super-fast. Users can work through forms in super-quick time.
  • First internet forms that work fully offline and therefore the only internet forms that offer 100% reliability.
  • User's PC, not the server, does most of the processing reducing server costs by up to 90%.
  • High and consistent quality printing - without additional software.
  • Near instant conversion into multiple formats including PDF, TIF and XML.

We pride ourselves on rapid deployment of forms - using Victoria Forms technology, your paper forms can be up and running in your business as eForms within days.
Uniquely, our technology allows a phased introduction of eForms, with only minimal IT department involvement. eForms can complement and run in parallel with your existing paper based processes, without disruption, with more advanced integration occurring in stages, as and when it suits you.

We provide E-form design, consultancy, and project management services for organisations incorporating eForms into their business. 


Please contact us today to have an informal consultation about your forms needs.


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For Form Administrators:

Your business involves handling intensive paper-based work flows. From gathering information from your customers on paper forms, your business provides products and services and actions based on this information. Paper forms and documents will flow both in, out, and within your offices. Our products and solutions enable you to streamline form administration by replacing or complimenting these paper based processes with Electronic methods.

For Application Developers:

You build either desktop or internet based applications. Your application requires:

  • extensive data capture from users in a user friendly manner.
  • data presented to users within sophisticated document and form templates for remote delivery and  printing.

Our software is designed to make it easy for you to add powerful form data capture and presentation features to your application, with virtually no coding. The product range is designed to fit in with the many different application scenarios that you might face.


News & Events

New Customers

Recent wins have taken us to 83 UK local government customers. 1 in 5 UK Councils are now using our eForm software !

     Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
     Fenland District Council
     North Lincolnshire Council
     North East Lincolnshire Council
     Powys County Council
     Borough of Poole
     Teignbridge District Council
     Test Valley Borough Council
     West Dunbartonshire Council
     Westminster City Council
     Wyre Council

Change in Circumstances

Waltham Forest Council have gone live with Victoria Forms' automated Change in Circumstance module.

Wigan Council

Wigan Council go live with Victoria Forms' ECS integration module.

Angus Council

Angus Council procure Victoria Forms Revenues and Benefits solution and go live within seven weeks of initial project meeting.

Further Customers

Victoria Forms is pleased to announce the following UK Local Authorities have recently procured eForm solutions:

    Angus Council
    Bromsgrove District Council
    City of London Council
    Doncaster Metropolitian Borough Council
    South Bucks District Council

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    Russell Hotel, London
    21 September 2015

IRRV Annual Conference
Telford International Centre
    06 - 07 October 2015